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Are you willing to make better marketing decisions just by finding out which ads have been successful? And to do that, you should find a reliable advertising spying tool, but here in the market, there are tons of advertising spying tools. How can you choose the best advertising spy tools to get better results and advertising details.

Today will introduce you to a great tool on top advertising spies. That’s AdPlexity, to better understand this tool, read the article below.

What is AdPlexity?

Undoubtedly, AdPlexity is one of the top affiliate spy tools. AdPlexity is also a favourite tool for people who want to do advertising. Just go to the platform, you can easily track and download promotional materials such as banners and landing pages right from most popular ad networks along with advertising exchanges from over 70 countries.
AdPlexity is the best advertising spy tool on mobile and desktop devices available on the market. By using AdPlexity, you can easily make better decisions just by basically understanding which ads have been successful in the market.

You can easily see campaigns that are running in more than 75 countries in most major countries. AdPlexity provides real-time insight right on campaigns running on advertising exchanges on desktops and mobile devices.

With the help of AdPlexity, you can quickly discover profitable campaigns that are turning on pop-up traffic sources on desktops and mobile devices. Just look for an ad that provides instant links from 100 affiliate networks with only one click.
You and also download all landing pages right away with page dependencies (images, CSS, JavaScript and more) written in a .zip file right on their user interface. With the help of this tool, you can effortlessly search by keywords, advertisers, publishers, along with affiliate networks, and more.
Features of AdPlexity
Here AdPlexity is one of the most trusted and leading advertising spy tools that will help you track your competitors in many ways. Adplexity has many great and advanced features that you might not get with other ad spy tools quickly.

Features that Adplexity has:

Download landing page: Using this unusual feature, you can easily download all landing pages.
Pop Up Redirects: This tool will help keep track of campaigns that often run on ads under pop-ups.
Banner advertising: Adplexity will monitor thousands of websites that often run on many adult websites.
Social support: It usually covers more than 70 countries worldwide, and some countries compete lower.
Device integration: The best part is that it supports all major platforms like Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android.
120 Carriers: Basically, this tool primarily explores all hidden campaigns running on mobile and instant network traffic from around the world.
100 Affiliate Network: These features help find the best ads that are promoting affiliate offers right from more than 100 affiliate networks with just one click.
Extremely fast search: Here, the result will be the result in a fraction of a second that can be searched by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and many other things in a row.

Why should you choose AdPlexity?

As I told you, AdPlexity has many different benefits, and some of them are as follows:

It collects a large amount of data.
Optional filtering and the most in-depth data on a single campaign.
Many countries are supported, including Exotic Ones.
It has the most advanced and easy to use interface that will help you find successful campaigns faster than ever.
An ad network that AdPlexity supports:

Pop-up: (AdCash, PopAds, PopCash with Ads).
Web display (CPMStar, OpenX, AppNexus and more).

As you can see, AdPlexity is one of the top advertising spy tools, it has helped many people, and it will also help you. Here Pitorr specializes in providing cheap SEO Tools. You can buy AdPlexity Push at a more affordable price than the market. You can trust us. We have a customer support team as soon as you need us.