1. Pitorr Provides Shared Account Or Dedicated Account?

  • As it is a group buy tool service, we provide shared accounts (Limited & Managed), but your searched data will be secure in our platform. We are trying our best to update our security, and Pitorr is a fully security-focused group buy tool service.

2. How Many IPs Allowed In Pitorr?

  • We only allow one user per account. Remember you have to use One ISP to access our service; otherwise, you will be blocked by our automated system. However, you can raise a review from our live chat platform. Our team will manually review your account. No VPNs, RDPs are allowed in our system. Also, any kind of reverse engineering may cause account suspension.

3. Can I use accounts in Office & Home?

  • Yes, you can, but simultaneously accessing is not allowed.

4. Do You Guys Refund?

  • We have no refund policy for now. If tools not working ask us anytime, we fix asap.

5. Can I use proxy/VPN IPs?

  • No, You can’t use any kind of proxies, RDPs to access your account. It may lead your account to a permanent ban.

6. Can I use dynamic IPs?

  • Yes, You can use dynamic IPs, because most broadband and mobile operators provide dynamic IPs but remember the IP should be from your city.

7. Any Limits? Yes, we have limits on Ahrefs

  • Total Daily Search limit 30 per day (10 Keyword search each per day, 10 Domain search each per day, 10 content explorer each per day)
  • No projects can be added
  • Sometimes You Won’t be able To Export Reports.
  • Only Keyword search, Domain search and content explorer are available.
  • Bulk analysis not available
  • Limits on exports and sometimes you cannot export data.

Semrush Limitations:

  • Total Daily Search limit 40 per day (20 Keyword search each per day, 20 Domain each search per day)
  • Website Audits are not allowed
  • No Projects Can Be added In Semrush
  • Sometimes You Won’t be able To Export Reports.
  • Some more restrictions like local SEO, topic research, SEO assistant etc

8. Can I Share Your Service to my team or friends or family’s

  • Absolutely no! We take it very seriously. If found account shared with your teams or friends or family will result in permanent banned without any notice.

9. Can I access my account from multiple places?

  • No, One account is for one person only and also simultaneously login from different IPs, Countries, States will result in the account getting banned without any notice.

10. Getting Issue while login – ” Authentication Problem, please contact your website administrator

  • Issue due to multiple IP Login, please avoid logging in from multiple IPS, your account is locked for 24 hours. Try login in again after 24 hours to get access.

11. Any charges on the refund fee?

Payment gateway fee is $0.27 (charged by third party gateway service)

12. How to cancel recurring Card payments?

You can contact us anytime to cancel the recurring payments before the last 7 days of your subscription via live chat to cancel the recurring payments.

Note: Recurring payment will be canceled when your subscription is about to expire within 7 days. Before that, it’s not possible to cancel the recurring payments.

14. Why I cannot cancel recurring from my member area and why recurring can be canceled only before 7 days expiry?

We have found a lot of misusage of our subscription model, due to which we do not enable users to cancel recurring from member area, you can contact us anytime within 7 days via live chat to cancel recurring anytime, we will cancel it asap, no questions asked.

15. Extension showing ” Seller ID disabled “?

No need to worry, just remove the extension and reinstall it again, it will work fine.

16. Do you store my card details?

No, we do not store your card details. All payment processing, charges are handled from a third-party gateway.